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The SC19 WINS application opens on 3/1/19

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Important information for potential WINS applicants

  • Please note that due to grant award restrictions, the WINS Program is only applicable to women employed full time by a company or organization located in the US territories.
  • If you are interested in SCinet participation but do not work for an organization in the US territories and have organizational funding and support, please contact SCinet for more information and available volunteer opportunities.
  • Full-time students that wish to work as a student volunteer for the SC19 Conference, including with SCinet, should apply through the SC19 Student Volunteer program:

Before you apply, there are a few key things to understand

  • The SC Committee, which includes SCinet, is fully comprised of volunteers from around the globe that are talented and dedicated individuals. As a part of the SCinet team, you will be working to complete an incredible amount of coordinated work in a short timeframe and against real deadlines. Each team member is important – they’re expected to be present and contribute to the team, complete the assigned tasks, and communicate effectively with teammates. (Think of this as “on the job training” while delivering the world’s fastest temporary network.)
  • As a SCinet team member, you will have the opportunity to learn from top experts in their field and have the ability to add them to your professional network. In turn, you will have the opportunity to provide input, demonstrate your expertise, and teach other professionals about your great ideas and solutions.
  • Everyone’s level of professionalism, knowledge, skills, desire to learn, and willingness to help get the job done are critical to the team’s success.
  • Each year, the SC Committee includes multi-year veterans of the program, first time volunteers, and everyone in between. Some people have worked on many different teams, while others stick with the same team for years – it’s up to each person if they’re invited back.
  • The SCinet team works hard, helps each other, and has a lot of fun in the process! Most volunteers and prior WINS awardees have formed life-long friendships and professional contacts through their involvement with the SC Conference.
  • If you are selected, the time commitment is real. Please make sure you, your family, friends, and your employer understand this. (Thus the required Letter of Support from your employer.)

WINS Application and components

In addition to completing the application form, you’ll also need to include the following PDF attachments:

  1. Statement of Interest letter
  2. Résumé or CV (curriculum vitae)
  3. Letter of Support from your employer

Tips and notes on completing your application and materials

  • Review the team descriptions on the application and consider new areas and duties. Team placement will depend on several factors, including but not limited to: applicant’s selection/ranking, skills and interests, SCinet team needs, schedules, and team size.  
  • Please make sure your statement of interest letter or résumé highlights your technical skills and professional experience related to your requested team placement.
Statement of Interest letter:
  • This letter should tell us a little bit about yourself and why you are applying to the WINS Program.
  • Include your thoughts on what you hope to achieve through your participation and how it would benefit your organization or company if you are selected.
Résumé or CV:
  • Should be no more than 2 pages in length.
  • Information should include your technical skills, professional work experience, education and any leadership or collaborative activities that relate to your professional abilities.
  • Consider sharing your résumé or CV with a colleague, manager, or mentor for feedback and suggestions.
The Letter of Support from your employer should include most, if not all, of the following items:
    • Recommendation for the applicant to participate in the WINS program;
    • Brief list of applicant qualifications and accomplishments in their current role;
    • Brief statement on why the applicant (and home organization, if desired) would benefit from participating in WINS;
    • Statement of support for the applicant, if awarded, for being away from the office and daily work tasks during the full duration of SC19 setup and conference. This will provide the applicant time to focus on SCinet-related tasks and training as assigned;
    • Organizational relationship between the applicant and the letter author/signatory (applicant’s manager, Director, etc.);
  • Name, title, and signature of the author/signatory of the letter.

The letter of support should not exceed one page.

The SC19 WINS applications will close on 4/1/19

View the SC19 WINS Call for Participation

SC18 WINS Awardees: Loren Adams, Jessa Westclark, Brenna Meade, Kalina Dunn, Erika Kindleman