How to WIN at Networking

“An NSF grant combined with significant DOE support sends women to build the world’s fastest computer network.” (Alering, 2017)

By Alisa Alering

What Good is a Supercomputer if it can’t show off?

“Every year at the annual Supercomputing Conference, a team of volunteers builds the world’s fastest temporary network.” (Scoles, 2017)

By Sarah Scoles

SCinet Seeks to Close Gender Gap with Women In IT Networking Program for Professional Development

“SCinet is working to zap the gender gap in network engineering and high performance computing.Thanks to a grant from the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy and the Energy Sciences Network, six professionals from throughout the U.S. are bringing their knowledge, skills and abilities to build and operate SCinet for SC17 in Denver.” (Ban, 2017)

By BrianBan