SC 2021

Five Women Nab a WIN-ing Opportunity for SC21

Women in IT Networking at SC (WINS) Program Selects SC21 SCinet Cohort

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SC 2020

SCinet Discussion by a Panel of WINS Alumni at SC

Panelists attending: Angie Asmus, Jessica Shaffer, Julie Locke, and Soledad Toledano

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New Mexico Tech council celebrates women in technology

Article by Kevin Robinson-Avila

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Watch the video here -> NMTC WIT 2020 | Kimball Sekaquaptewa

SC 2019

How to get ahead in Networking

“For network engineer Kalina Dunn, never taking the easy way out leads to success.” (Alering, 2019)

By Alisa Alering

A WINning Program:WINS Sucesses at SC19

By Christine Biassac – Hayden

SC 2018

An “amazing opportunity”

“This program to encourage women in computing really works.” (Alering, 2018)

By Alisa Alering